Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Waistcoat for 17" Tonner boys.

So yes, I've been working on this waistcoat for the Tonner lads.  I took a great deal of trouble with this one to practice putting in the lining perfectly.  I even remembered to attach the top snaps to the lining before I attached it to the outer, so it would be invisible from the front.   Not that it really mattered, because I planned to put buttons over the snaps, but it was a good sewing exercise.  :)

It was a bit of a risk, devoting such attention to a pattern that is only on its first draft, but I felt reasonable confident.

Here's the weskit (that's what my dear old mum used to call them) almost finished.  I've slipped in on the doll at this stage and it does fit really well:

I added the straps when I was sewing the garment together, then did one of my handmade buckles from my buckle tutorial.   (Find the tutorial here:)

It's looking pretty smart.   More dressy than I'd intended, but I love it, and I love the olive green lining. I keep thinking how great this would look in any fabric, denim, corduroy, all sorts of prints for the girls. I must do a girl's one for Ell and her mates.

One of the best lined garments I've ever made. All sewn completely invisibly.  It wouldn't be too hard to make this reversible. Hm. Might have a go at that some time. Maybe when I do the girl's one.

You can't tell in the photos, but the back seam is subtly curved to fit the doll's back, and the fronts of this waistcoat are cut on the bias, so the garment moulds itself around the doll's body nicely.

Thus far, I've made the waistcoat pattern all in one, nearly, with no shoulder seam. I'd like to do one with a shoulder seam, so I can make the front in some kind of brocade fabric with maybe a satin back. 

For anyone wanting to try something lined and luxurious, to advance their sewing skills, I heartily recommend trying a waistcoat.  They're relatively easy compared to jackets etc.  No sleeves to worry about, and really satisfying one the lining and outer have been sewn together and the whole thing turned right side out and pressed.

I may be maundering....

Here's the finished item.  I made some tiny buttons out of Milliput and hand painted them.  It's fiddly, but I looked for doll's buttons on Ebay and they seem a bit pricey  -- they also never have the exact colour I want, so I made and painted my own. 

Doing a bit of a critique on the fit of the garment, I'm wondering if I should make slight alterations.  The back is as near perfect as it can get, maybe a teeny bit longer would be better? I'm not sure, as I've seen lots of men's waistcoats that are quite short in back.

As for the front, it's all very good, but I may cut away the sleeves a bit as shown in this pic. I've put red dotted lines to shoe where I'd trim the garment.  And perhaps the neckline could be lower?

I welcome any input.  :)



  1. I think I'd agree with you on reshaping of the armhole but I think the neckline is fine. Love those buttons and the belt on the back. I really need to stop buying fabric and actually make something.... but it's so much fun getting packages......

    1. Yes, definitely the armhole. I keep wanting to lengthen the whole thing though.

      Oh god yes, I love getting fabric in the post! :)

  2. ok if you want a input .. here goes... I personally like the vest longer.. I don't like see the gap of the shirt... also I think the buttons are on the wrong side.. shouldn't be the same as the zipper? But I am loving this.. your boys will be so well dressed.. be careful taking them in public.. they just might disappear. Love your work as always

    1. Yus, the buttons are totally on the woman's side! I never paid much attention to that before, but now I've looked it up properly, I'll put that right. I'm working on a second version that's a tad longer too.

      I never take my dolls out in public. If I wasn't agoraphobic, I'd still be shy to let people see I own dolls.

  3. You`ve been busy! Just to confuse the issue I`d go with reshaping the armholes and lowering the neck but I like the shorter back - it shows off a trim waist and would look very sexy with a shirt.....ooh Tess, how about getting some of those hot toys action figures!!!!!

    1. I'll keep the shorter back version, but am also making a new pattern that's a bit longer. The arms will be piut right and I'll probably lower the neck a bit because if I'm lengthening - it will make the button area look to long, methinks.

      I do have an action figure, my Obi Wan, but they're only 12" tall.


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