Friday, 7 November 2014

A brief diversion...

... From my current coat project.   After I'd finished Phin's waistcoat I just had to make him a fob watch.  All I had to hand were some 6mm pendant mounts, some card stock and some thick transparent plastic which I've salvaged from doll packaging.  It's darn useful stuff when you need it.

Anyway, it was small and fiddly, I made an experiment by drawing a clock face on a tiny 6mm circle of card and cutting out a 6mm disc of clear plastic to cover it.

Here's the first attempt.  It's kind of okay but...

...In Phin's hand, it looks way too small for a man's pocket watch. Some of these things are chunky, this is more a Ken size, or possibly and female 16" doll size.

With that in mind, I ordered some 10mm pendant mounts through Ebay (where else, heh) and found some clear plastic self adhesive domes, also 10mm, so I got some of those.

One wouldn't think that the extra 4mm would make a huge difference but it really does. It's just big enough for me to look up some clip art on Google, then print and cut out the antique clock face.

It looks great under the clear plastic dome too. I can't get the camera to pick up how good it looks.

Of course there's no key to wind it, but I can't figure out how I would make one; so this will do nicely.  :)

I can't show Phin with the new watch yet, because his head is off and I've cleaned off the face ready to be sent for modifications and a repaint.  But here he is with the original watch, before I did that.  I like the chain against his waistcoat.

Pocket watch chains have a T-bar for looping through a waistcoat buttonhole, but as I can't make such tiny buttonholes, I made a hook to loop around one of his buttons.

Fortunately the pockets are just large enough for the new 10mm watch to fit into.  I'll post pictures when Phin gets back from having his makeover. Hopefully he'll have a coat by then too.



  1. You *can* make small buttonholes! I make them with the sewing machine for Barbie and Blythe size, I'm sure you can make them beautifully handworked for Tonner size =) --Andrea/DollsAhoy

    1. Wow, I didn't realise you could make them so small on a machine. I've yet to get the courage to try. I've always been terrified of buttonholes, never having made one in my life. I usually hand stitch buttonhole loops, but maybe I will try proper ones sometime. :)

  2. Love the pocket watch - looks fab and just finishes the waistcoat off!!

    1. Thanks Trish. The larger one works much better methinks. Maybe one of my Ken dolls will get the smaller one.


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