Friday, 14 November 2014

Amazing charity shop find.

I occasionally manage to pick up something brilliant in one of out local charity shops.  This must be quite an affluent area because people throw away brand new clothing.

Because of the coats I'm making at the moment, I thought I'd see if I could find any charity clothing in a suitable weight for dolls.  I couldn't believe it when I found these three brand-new skirts, still with labels attached.  They're definitely never been used.  Two are Marsk & Spencer, and all three are pure new wool in a very light weight. Perfect for doll's clothes.

The top one is a sort of charcoal brown. It's definitely not quite grey, and is a fab colour for coats for the boys.  The middle one is charcoal, and the bottom lighter grey one will make something gorgeous for the girls. Who are grumbling about being neglected.

I'm really quite fussy about picking out charity shop clothing to make garments for dolls. The textiles have to be in immaculate condition, especially for outfits that I plan to sell. I would never sell an outfit made from pilled or worn fabric, so I'm delighted to have got these.

Looking forward to chopping them up and seeing what they're like to hand sew.  :)



  1. That's a fab find.... I agree no point in buying something that's pilled or worn even if it's cheap! Ah.. grumbling girls... I have a few here.. they keep muttering about prom dresses.......

    1. Yes, I like to use pristine fabrics for my guys and gals. It's surprising how much brand new stuff gets donated to Charity shops sometimes. lol, I do feel sorry for our girls sometimes. :)


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