Sunday, 9 November 2014

Coat progress.

I finished sewing up the first draft of the coat, lining and all.  It's not quite complete because I stopped work on it to appraise and make adjustments.

As you can see the back is a lovely fit.  It needs a bit more pressing, but the shape is just right. The curve of the centre back seam is quite pronounced, but on the doll it looks dead straight and fits over the back beautifully.

Looking at the front however, it's clear the lapels aren't quite right, or the way the top half of the front sits on the doll. 

The sleeves need lengthening, but that's easy enough. 

I've accidentally over emphasised the lapels, and the neck opening is too wide around the doll's neck.  Because of this, the collar doesn't come forward enough.  The front is also too short to overlap and button up.

To rectify the situation, I'll need to adjust the front lapels and the neckline.  The collar should be okay with just a change in the angle of the front ends.  I'll also need to extend the front openings so they overlap properly.

It's a fair bit of alteration after so much work, but it's okay because the majority of the coat is the right fit.   It's tricksy making lined coats, so I think I'm doing okay thus far.

I shall now commence the second draft (after coffee and swiss roll) and when it's done, I'll show more pictures of the progress.



  1. Looks good so far - but I can see what you mean about the back fitting better than the back! Good luck with the alterations!

    1. Yep, I'm halfway through the second one now! Also - I'm wildly excited because Lucas is home and he's amazing. He looks like Matt Smith, lol. I'll show him soon. He has temporary eyes at the mo, I'm waiting for some oval ones all the way from China. They take ages to get there.

    2. Lucas looks fab... everything takes ages from China... I'm waiting for lace.....:)

    3. Oh, I know. Especially if it's free shipping!


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