Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Draft 2 of the Tonner 17" male coat.

So here's the second version of this coat.  As you can see in the front, the front closure is a lot better, and the lapels are much improved, as is the general fit around the front top half.

I've lengthened the sleeves a little, and am toying with the idea of adjusting the shoulders a tiny bit.  I'm not sure if they really need it though.

The collar looks a bit too wide.  I widened it for this version thinking it was too narrow, but I've overdone it I think.  Either that or the lapels need to come out a bit, possibly a bit off the collar and a bit on the lapels would work.

Also, I think the top snap should be set lower.  The coat has a slightly too-feminine feel to me at the moment. 

The back is still really good, so I won't faff around with that at all.  This coat is still unfinished because I'm awaiting some doll sized black buttons which haven't arrived yet.

The fabric I chose is actually some lightweight denim.  On this scale is looks a bit like charcoal tweed, which is a really nice look for this garment.

I think I may add pockets to the next one as well. Or at least some mock-pocket flaps.    Once this pattern is perfected, I've found some cheap cashmere/viscose blend fabric, and I'll make a longer version for Phin. Who insists all his stuff is better and classier than everyone else's.

In my head anyway....



  1. Well it looks fine to me.... but I'm sure what you do to refine it will make it look even better!!

    1. Yus, I'm beginning to think I'm probably just faffing now. I get to that point where I'm looking as the slight curvature of seams and wondering if I can make it better when really it doesn't need it, sort of thing.


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