Thursday, 20 November 2014

Finished Highwayman coat for 17" Tonner guys.

Loads of sewing later, and it's finally done.   Modelled here by my beautiful Lucas, a customised Imperium Park Phin doll, done by the fabulous Dr Krow.

The coat is actually for one of my other dolls, but they're all off being modified and repainted at this time, so Lucas gets to wear everything until they get back.  His proper eyes arrived today and they look so much better than the ones I've been using, so I've actually taken some decent photos for a change too.  :)

Stand by for shedloads of picspam.

The shoulder cape (or storm cape, I think it's called. I know the flaps on a trenchcoat are called storm flaps.) is detached.  One could sew it onto the coat through the buttons I guess, but I didn't want to commit to having it there permanently, because the coat looks so good with or without it. 

 I love the back.

I had to edge stitch the bottom hem of the cape as it was belling out a bit, due to being cut on the bias.  I've seen these tiny neat running stitches in Saville Row suits. It's a a nice technique that holds and edge in shape.

What I've done with my cape, is decorate it with buttons and I've pinned it to the coat from the inside.  I pin a lot of my doll's clothes when they're on my own shelves - never for pictures I'm taking of articles to sell.  I like the fit to be genuine and speak for itself.

This cape actually looks great just laid over the dolls shoulders and tucked under the coat lapels.  It doesn't really need an attachment to the coat itself, which is good because besides hooks and eyes or snaps, which would spoil the look of the coat, I can't figure a way to make the cape detachable.

It's quite modern looking, and not meant to be historically accurate.  That said, it would look great with a tricorn, or modern accessories.  I had fun with the detailing too, with added pocket flaps and straps around the cuffs.


The lining is gorgeous with the black outer.

What a dashing adventurer he looks. <3

Next, I have plans for some long capes. I want to do a long unisex cape with a hood, and another one in a highwayman style again.  I've found the most gorgeous, light,  drapey viscose fabric from an unexpected source, so I can't wait to start.  The colours are to die for.



  1. Can't find the right words to describe how fab he looks ... so I'll just say it's Awesome!!

    1. Yay! I got an "awesome", lol. Thanks Trish!

  2. Stunning coat and the pics are fabulous :)

    1. Thanks Anj! Making mens' clothing is way more fun than I thought it would be.

    2. It`s always a pleasure to see your work but I just can`t get excited about dressing the boys myself - but I guess pippa Pete really doesn`t inspire! My pips prefer mego lion rock guys but I find their muscles too tricky to tackle.

    3. I gotcha. IDK quite how I got into guys stuff, but now I am, it's a lot of fun doig the tailoring. I need to go and Google mego lion rock dolls now....


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