Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Finished waistcoats.

I haven't been idle exactly, although running around trying to sort out the new stray kitty we've taken in and trying to get her and our existing tomcat (Tigger) to co-exist has really shaken up my routine.   Infinitely rewarding though. :)

New kitty has changed names several times, and at present, the name 'Titch' seems to have stuck.  Today my housemate managed to get them to the stage where they can both take a nap in the same room.  This is huge.  Tigger seems okay with Titch, but Titch has been living rough for two or three months, we think, and although she's friendly with peoples, she's feisty as hell with other cats.

With some peace today, I was able to finish off the revised waistcoat for the new Phin doll.   However, because someone else is getting one, my original Phin insisted on one too. One that is better than the others, of course.  This one had to have a different coloured back and some pockets.  Now I'm thinking of trying to make a little pocket watch too.  God, he's so spoilt.

So here's the posh waistcoat in progress.  The previous one was cut in two pieces so that there would be no shoulder seam, and the front of the waistcoat on the bias.  This one is cut in four pieces, so the front and backs can be in different fabrics.

I found some red/black marbled fabric for the front, and I tried out some Kaffe Fassett shot cotton for the back and lining, in "Coal" colour.  It's very thin, and almost like batiste. Perfect for doll clothes, even if it is a bit expensive.

And here's Phin with poor headless Lucas modelling the other waistcoat.

(Lucas' head is pretty much done now, I can't wait to get him back)

I lowered the neckline for the black and green waistcoat. Cut away the armholes a bit better, and made the garment 1/4 inch longer.  It's just enough and I'm very happy with it now.  I did have to tweak the back neck just a tad to sit properly across his shoulders and it's pretty much as perfect as I can get it now.

The buttons are also on the correct side for a boy, heh.   Phin's jeans button up the girls way around.  Something I've never stopped to think about before - not that it really matters in this day and age, but there we go.

I did some research on why men's stuff buttons the opposite way to women's.  One school of thought is that whereas men have dressed themselves through history, women tended to have to be dresses by servants due to the complexity of all their garments; so their buttons were sewn on the opposite side to make it easier for a right-handed dresser to fasten them.

Another school of thought says that when men used to carry weapons, back in ye olden days, he'd need his right arm for his sword or pistol, so the buttons were sewn on the side that made it easier for him to unfasten a coat swiftly with his left hand - while reaching for his sword with the right.

But enough of that, here's the back of Phin's waistcoat.  The buckle is handmade in gold plated jewellers wire:

And the original one for the new doll, with a silver plated buckle. Making these by hand is saving me a fortune, and it's just so great to be able to make them to any size necessary.

When I produce the pattern, I will include options for both waistcoats, and for the shorter one I made originally, because some people seemed to like it more.

One more of Phin. Just because he's so handsome.  :)

And finally my two new Phin dolls have arrived.   I'm hoping once I get Lucas back, that I can send them and my original Phin off  to be customised. 

They remind me of the 118 118 guys in the TV adverts, haha.

One came nude, and was a bargain. The other came with all his accessories, and I'm so happy to get another of those fab little guns.   Whereas I had one gun and two dolls to squabble over who got it - now I have two guns and four dolls to fight over them.

Now I have four.  Yes.  No more, I swear.

No really.



  1. No more you say!!! I said that with Ellowyne...... and then WI had to go and have a birthday sale and 20% discount...... how very dare they... and yes I have no willpower....... Anyway.... the waistcoat looks fab now.. lucky boys! Titch is a good name for a kitty hope they manage to get along soon!!

    1. I know. How dare they? ;) I keep getting ideas for customising the boy dolls, and end up buying more.

      Titch seems to be sticking to her, heh. She's turning out to be as mad as seven badgers....

  2. Love it!!! I also noticed you added the pockets.. I also love the longer length.. but I know we all have different tastes.. and that is what makes the world be not so boring... I am wanting a male too... did you read Ellowyne"s diary? there just might be another male added... sure hope so

    1. Yay! Yes, I wanted ot to be just right, and the optional pockets are great for tiny pocket watches.

      I don't read Ellowyne's diary, tl:dr, but I'd LOVE to see a new boy figure. I find it really hard to like Rufus. Poor guy.

  3. So a happy ending for new kitty then :)
    These waistcoats are so cool, especially the new improved posh version! Had a little giggle over one of the new Phins coming with all his accessories - hidden under the button presumably!!!! ;)

    1. So far it's all good, but we've advertised her everywhere so the owners might still come forward.

      Heh, yeah I refrained from saying 'he came with all his bots and pieces'.... because anatomically speaking, he didn't. :p


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