Friday, 28 November 2014

Jedi tunic.

There's probably some correct fandom terminology for each of these garments, but I'm going with tunic right now, based on the research I've done.   I love Jedi costume. It smacks of Japanese kimonos and samurai warriors.

The tunic is finished, pretty much.   It all looks a bit white, but I plan to tea dye some of the bits and pieces in varying depths of shade.

(Obi Wan's boots are much higher than these. I do have some that are higher, but I thought these looked more 'Jedi' than the others, and are a darker brown.)

I haven't used a fastening because the garment doesn't really need one.  There's a criss-cross waistcoat type thing that comes next and the wide fabric belt seems to hold everything in place.  Over the fabric belt goes a leather belt with a sort of clip for the lightsabre hilt.

And from the back.

I'm pleased with the shoulders where the sleeve joins, it worked beautiful and isn't as hard as I thought is would be... even with a lining ( I can't resist lining things.)   The proportions are generally good for this first draft.  The whole thing needs dampening to remove the vanishing pen marks, and needs a bit of styling.

It could do with being a smidge longer overall, and the fronts might look better if I take a half inch away on each side.

Off I go to attempt this waistcoat type garment.  I'm looking forward to doing the belts immensely. :)



  1. Looking good so far! I'm finding I quite lining things as well .... who'd have thought lol!!!!

    1. I know, it's a bit more work, but so rewarding - and a nice luxury too. Nothing human-sized seems to be lined these days, unless it costs a fortune.


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