Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Jedi undergarment.

Just finished this off today.  It went well for the first draft of a tight fitting garment.

Here's the tentative first fitting, with the wrap-over shirt inside out:

And the finished item.  The sleeves are nice and snug too.  Luckily the hands pop off this particular doll nice and easily.

It's still covered with vanishing ink marks, and I used a beige thread because I may tea-dye it later on.   The fit is great though, I'm pleased with it.  I added the pants to make a leotard so the whole thing would stay tucked in to the trousers I'm going to make.

Not sure if I have an off-white coloured fabric suitable for the trousers, but I'll see what I can come up with.  I have some nice cream needlecord, but somehow I don't think Jedi wear corduroy. Heh.



  1. Looks good so far... no maybe cream needlecord isn't quite the right look for a Jedi knight!!! Guess what I've finally managed to finish a party dress for one of the Ells.... one down... far too many to go - they all want one now :)

    1. I've ended up using the wrong side of the needlecord for the trews. It's quite a nice cotton fabric and will work pretty well. Shirt-weight cream denim is so hard to come by, unfortunately.

      Ooh party dress :D .I'm on my way over to Flickr now.

  2. I`m fascinated - if this is a leotard with a snug fitting non-stretch top how do you get it on and off? Does it fasten at the back or between the legs?

    1. It fastens at the back, and the non-stretch part has juuuust enough give in it to stretch over his hips.


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