Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Long black coat for 17" Tonner guys.

I've been working away at the long coat fro my Tonner boys.  There's a hell of a lot of sewing in this!  Also it required good prep, and making sure all the bits are added at the right time during construction, belt, pocket flaps, etc; but it's nearly finished now and tomorrow I'll start work on the shoulder cape to give it that Highwayman look.

It's in the cashmere and viscose fabric I ordered, which is lovely to sew.   It needs fray check though for two reasons.  One, yes it does fray rather a lot and two, it's a very heavy, slinky and drapey fabric. The fray check around the edges helps to stabilise it for easier handling and sewing.

The lining is in Kaffe Fassett shot cotton.  It's gorgeous.

Please excuse my awful pictures.  I have bad handshake today, and can't seem to get a decent shot. These show hoe good the coat looks on though.

I couldn't find the balance with the lighting either.  One is too dark, the other too bright.  Pah.

It looks proper Matrix-y to me as well, more than Highwayman-ish.  But I hope the cape will solve that.  Not that there's anything wrong with a guy in a sexy Matrix coat. :)

Ugh, sorry that last one is so blurry. 

I'm loving the coat from all angles, back, front, sides.   With the next version, I plan to try adding a vent.  I was going to do it with this one, but my sewing expertise doesn't quite extend to lined coat vents.  I need to find a cheat with the lining, to make it easier for both myself, and anyone who comes to sew the pattern when I finally manage to publish it.

It's slow going today because I managed to slice up my thumb (in two places) with the cheese-slicer last night.  It's sore as hell.  I will never use that vicious thing again. 



  1. It's fab-u-lous!! That's so impressive and beautifully made!! Loving the lining! I think he needs a Dr Who style scarf to finish it off lol!!! Bad cheese-slicer you stay well away from it!!

    1. He will indeed be getting a scarf. I might even make a more Doctor Who style coat and scarf too at some point. :)

  2. OMG, I am in awe! Shame to button it up with that gorgeous lining. Oh I can`t wait to see the vented version :) :) :)

    1. Thank you, <3 Yeah I hate to hide that lovely lining.


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