Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lucas by Dr Krow.

Just a quickie to try and show the workmanship in Lucas's face-up.  Ignore the wet hair, I dip my fingers in water and smooth down the wigs to shape them.

You can see the delicate subtle lines of his lips here, and I love the way the llips are not clearly defined at the edges. It's more natural and I think masculine.

The shading around the orbits of the eyes is beautiful too; as are the tiny faint lower eyelashes.  I have put some applied doll eyelashes on the upper lids, and trimmed them short to stop him looking too girlie. 

The one thing I can't seem to capture is the individual hairs that have been painted in as the eyebrows. It looks here like it's just one sweep of colour but it's more detailed than that.

You can see at the outer edges of the eyes, the 8mm eyeballs are just a tiny bit too small for him, but irises in the next size up (10mm) are just too big and make him look wrong.  

To remedy this, I've ordered some flatter-profile oval dolls eyes and am hoping they fit properly. Otherwise I'll be looking into how to make or modify my own doll eyeballs.

A HUGE thank you to the marvellous Dr Krow, who resides here in the UK and is an absolute wizz at modifying and painting resin dolls.  <3  The artist has said she will take on commissions for these Wilde Imagination dolls with their really hard vinyl heads, but any vinyl softer than this - even Bratz or Moxies - is sadly no go.  Far too hard to work on and can't be dremelled or enhanced with epoxy sculpt.



  1. He does look good...didn't Dr Krow do one of your resins? She's very talented... so many talented artists out there....

    1. Dr Krow has done 2 resins for me. :) Caleb and my newer resin doll Holly. She's really good. Lots of great artists around but it's a godsend to find one in the UK. I really don't want to send my precious dolls heads across the Atlantic!

  2. Those lips are to die for, so subtle. Really not into the outlined look at all and especially not on male dolls.

    1. I feel exactly the same. I love subtle lips on male dolls. :)


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