Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lucas is home :)

Stand by for Lucas spam.   He arrived today having been modded to take glass.acrylic eyes and repainted.   My god, he looks amazing!  I'm so happy with him.  :)

(I've asked the artists permission to make a recommendation - and I'll wait until I get the reply.  She usually does resin dolls, and I don't want to be responsible for her getting asked to do vinyl dolls without checking it's okay first)

Here he is, the shy lil' angel.

I think his wig might need a bit of a trim, it's bushy in places.  

And one with the flash - which is a bit bright. I included it to show how different he looks under different lighting.:

These are 8mm acrylic eyes. They do look lovely, but I can't capture how nice he is with the camera.  I'm okay at photography but by no means an expert.  Lucas is beautifully shaded, the eyebrows are so perfectly painted with individual hairs, but I can't quite capture the effect. The lips are just exquisite too, very fine lines and perfect shading.  I love everything the artist has done.

He's still a very sweet character .... and now he looks a lot like Matt Smith. Which as far as I'm concerned is awesome.  I love the 11th Doctor, it's kinda fitting for a steampunk guy doll to look a bit like him.

Matt smith's eyes are a browny-green, which I believe is pretty much hazel, so I'll be looking for some hazel eyes for him.

I'll be sending the other three heads I have of this sculpt to be modded and painted up.  There will be pictures when I get them back, but it will probably take a good few weeks.

For now, Lucas needs a new outfit. The one he's wearing here is for the redhead doll when I get him back. I've added eyelashes to him as well, but I'm using the Nikon camera and it really doesn't like focusing as well as the Canon, even though I know it can.  Stubborn darn thing. 

That's all for today. I'm off to finish that coat....



  1. he look so good!!!! I bet you are a bit in love with him :)

    1. I am indeedy. I can't wait until I have all four boys modded and home again. :)

  2. Wow he looks fab ... and I definitely see the resemblance to Matt Smith! I can't get over how different he looks... these repaint artists are so darn clever!!! Looking forwarded to seeing how your other boys turn out!!

    1. Thank you! Dr Krow is amazing and is based in the UK! She says she'll do these very hard headed dolls, but not any dolls with softer vinyl. I'm a bit frustrated today because I was hoping to post off the other three heads, but we may not be able to get to the Post Office until Friday.


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