Thursday, 13 November 2014

More coatliness.

I managed to adjust the coat I'd almost finished yesterday without having to sew a whole third version.  Thanks be. 

I figured how to alter the collar, then removed the top snap and added it under the other two snaps, and pressed the lapel into place.  It looks great now.  My buttons arrived too, so I've added those to finish it off.

Here's the second version I showed yesterday, with the alterations next to it. I think it looks a lot better.  It'll look great with a scarf too.

I added two buttons to the belt at the back. these are 6mm buttons and okay for coats, but I need to get some smaller ones for things like waistcoats. Hand painting my own home-made buttons is taking up a bit of time, so I might buy a few more for reserves.

 Next, I've been thinking of making a longer more dashing version in a cashmere blend for Phin.  I also want a Highwayman feel to go with a tricorn.  I've done a lot of looking around at Highwaymen style coats online, and found a couple that would fit in with this coat pattern:

 This first one has a cape that sits under the collar and lapels, nice and easy to figure out. Incorporating a cape into the coat itself as I sew will create so much bulk, that I'd rather make the cape as a separate accessory. Then once the pattern is published, it will have more versatility.

 This next one shows that a Highwayman's cape is probably cut out of a circular piece and shaped, so it drapes down nicely.  ( I also like the point at the back)

However... on a doll scale, unless the fabric is incredibly soft and drapey, the weight of the fabric is not enough for the fabric to fall properly. I made a prototype to experiment, but it just stuck out stupidly and wouldn't hang.

Hence for a doll, the cape will need to be fitted to some degree.  That's okay because it will still make a good Highwayman's look, and can also be used for a slightly Victorian or steampunk look. (A bit like the capes Jon Pertwee wore in those old Doctor Who episodes.  Now I'm showing my age, heh.) 

Anyway, here's the first draft on Lucas:

It's okay, but could do with reshaping a bit around the bottom hem. At the moment it's not attached.  It sits perfectly over the coat shoulders and doesn't actually need any attachments if the doll is on display, but I will work out some kind of arrangement to attach it and make it removable.

The back is nice too. I may button the point to the back of the coat. At the moment, it's held by a pin:

It's a teeny bit bell-shaped for my liking just now.  The bottom hem kicks out too much, and the point could be pointier, but it's getting there.



  1. Wow - it looks really good and I love seeing your design process from finding inspiration pictures to the finished article - you're very talented!

    1. I love to see other peoples design process photos, so I'm glad someone enjoys mine! Thanks Trish. I'm hoping the long version of this coat will be amazing.


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