Monday, 15 December 2014

Raccoons Rags sewing patterns.

I'm always racking my brains (Such as they are) for what to do with my published tutorial patterns.  For 2015, I'm going to be bringing out a new line of more basic sewing patterns.  The reasons for this are:

1)  It's going to be a lot less stressful not to be so obsessive over each picture I take as I work.

2) It will be a lot less to organise into a document.

3) Not everyone wants a beginners tutorial, and I think straightforward sewing patterns will be welcome.

4) Because the instructions are short enough to be all one document instead of lengthy tutorials, which can take up to three separate documents, and Etsy only allows me to upload 5 PDFs at a time - I can offer both A4 and U.S. Letter formats in the same package, so European people don't have to email me and ask for the A4 version.

5)  Most enjoyably for my customers, I will be able to offer these at a lower price than the full-on tutorials.  :)

They'll be called the SSP collection. (Straightforward. Sewing. Pattern.) I've already listed one on my Etsy page, and in my Sellfy sales page right here on my blog. (Look above for "STRAIGHTFORWARD PATTERNS FOR SALE")

Here's the first.  I amended my newest pattern - the Blythe Boho ensemble - and have re-priced it at £7.99. The photographic instructions are, I feel, as good if not better than most PDF patterns currently on the internet market.


Here in my blog:

I'm sorta excited about these. They will be easier for me to produce, I love doing the whole pattern thang so much, and am happy to be able to give my customers the best value for money I possibly can.

I have another Blythe pattern almost completed now, which I'm still trying to cram into 2014.  It's gorgeous.  I wish I was 30 years younger because I'd totally wear it.


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