Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Coming along nicely.

Another quickie today, just to post a couple of teasers for the newest sewing pattern.  Things are going a lot better with this new range already.   I'm enjoying the fabrics so much I sat on Ebay today and bought up a few more fat quarters in different colours.

I love the tea-dyeing too, and will be dying another batch of fabrics tomorrow.  The dress I'm  making for the instructions PDF is sized to fit the Pure Neemo Flexion 'S' body, so I will need to make up another dress fitted to the standard Takara Blythe body.

Finally, too, I'm all ready for Christmas. Not that I ever do a huge amount of preparation, but it's nice when all the cards are sent and the minor pressies have been bought.



  1. Well done you on being ready for Christmas... I just got a couple of things to finish off hopefully tonight and a couple more cards to do for work and then all I've got left is to ice the cake and pack all the pressies up... and then maybe tidy up my pigsty and see if I can find the tree lol!!! The dress looks fab so far!!

    1. ACK! My computer died this morning so I've had a horrible day, but my amazing tecchie housemate helped me fix it. He still doesn't know what he did, but it's working again now. It's so nice having a live-in computer tech. ;)

      To be fair I don't have much to do. That's the beauty of being someone's lodger, the householders do all the decorating etc. lol. It's a cute dress, I'm liking this antique-looking tea dyeing business.


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