Monday, 22 December 2014

Blythe sewing pattern - SSP-003

Tea-dyed shabby chic.  My favourite!  This new pattern is my personal favourite of my Blythe patterns so far. 

As with the others in the new line, this is a straightforward sewing pattern, crammed with photographic instructions that will engage even the novice sewist.  I've made my little dresses up in tea-dyed cotton fabrics and I'm slowly getting addicted to dyeing fabrics again.  I love the antique quality that tea colouring gives.


Here in my blog:

Here's Missy in her new frock, with the standard Blythe body.

And Lottie, with her brand new Pure Neemo Flexion S body. I'm quite taken with this doll's body. You can get little packets of spare hands for them, so I might invest in some.

The pattern has two different sized bodices, tailored to each body type. The remainder of the pattern pieces, Skirts, petticoat and armlets are interchangeable between the two bodices. 

The armlet fit both doll's bodies perfectly, but the Pure Neemo hands have to be popped off to get the armlets on.   Which is okay, because like Ellowyne and Monster High, they're designed to do just that for easier dressing.

So. Now that project is finally complete. I can turn my attention to my newly-modified and repainted Phin boys.  My first new guy, the redhead already has his wig styled and ready.  I was going to call him Jerome but he hates it and for some reason insists on Jeremiah, which I rather like more too and it's sticking to him like poop to a blanket.  I'm always fond of old-fashioned and even biblical names.

I mentioned on Facebook that the new boys need names. Some amusing suggestions were bandied about, then one of my lovely FB pals, Kath, suggested Ben and Jerry.  Heh.  I love the name Benjamin as it happens, so the poor boys are going to be subjected to those monikers.

Phin will never let them forget it.... But at least it's better than Bill & Ted, Bill & Ben, Cheech & Chong, Or Mutt & Jeff.  ;)



  1. That's lovely.... stop making me want a doll this size so I can make these patterns lol!!!

    1. Haha! No, you don't need to do that. I have some Patience ideas planned for when my boys are finished. I like my Blythe patterns so much, I think versions for Ell and Patience might be nice?

      I also have some delicious plans for Ell fashion in the New Year. Also - the patterns will be less expensive, and hopefully just as informative because a lot of the techniques I use for them are covered in most of the tutorials anyway.

    2. I think versions for Patience and Ell would be fab! Oooh looking forward to more Ell patterns....I'm still making posh frocks lol!! And my Patience possee say yes please outfits for us!!!!

  2. I really love the darker of these two tea-dyed outfits. Your fringed edges always look so nice, whenever I try them they just look rubbish!

    1. I found silk really hard to fringe when I tried it, cotton is a lot easier.


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