Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sewing pattern for Blythe SSP-002

In light of my having to wait for my tea-dyed fabrics to dry before I can do any more sewing, I've been updating some of my tutorials for the Straightforward range.   Today I've managed to tidy up and condense the Blythe pantsuit into a regular sewing pattern.

Here on my sales page in my blog: 

And in my Etsy store:

I'm hoping to work through some of these previous tutorials, so I can offer them at the new reduced price.  Some of them simply don't function very well, due to the way I've taken the photos for the instructions, but I'm confident that most of them will do-able.

It will take time though, and I'm still inspired to create new patterns, so things will be gradual.

The tea-dyed stuff looks very pretty thus far, but I foolishly left a metal spoon standing in the liquid with the soaking fabric, and now where the spoon was in contact with the fabric - it's gone all black and weird. Ugh.

Hopefully I'll be able to place my pattern pieces around the stains.


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