Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pattern #016 now in the Raccoon's Rags Etsy store.

My new Blythe pattern is published and available online.   :)

Possibly the last one of 2014, unless I get a wriggle on and manage to do something more really fast.

In my Etsy store: 

Or here on my blog sales page:

This is an ankle length skirt and petticoat, with a ruffle-trimmed longline top.  The puff sleeves from my pattern #015, the Blythe pantsuit can be used with this top.

I give two methods of making up the top.  The professional way comes first, and if that's a bit daunting, I provide a "quick and dirty method" all in the first tutorial.

I've played around with the fit, and while this does look quite nice on a Pullip, the skirt would need to be lengthened.  (Or shortened if you want a flirty little skirt)

Pullip bodies are longer than the standard Blythes, but the top looks quite good as it's longer-line. 

I also invested in  Pure Neemo Flexion S body, as I know many Blythe customisers like to switch to this type of body.  It's thinner in the bust than the standard Blythe, and wider around the hips and thighs, but the waist seems to be almost exactly the same. 

When you come to attach the snaps for the top and skirt, the garments can be fitted on the Pure Neemo body and look quite good.

The legs are shorter than Blythe's though, and the skirt will be floor-length instead of ankle-length.

So that's me for the next couple of days.  I'll be finding something else to publish - possibly the waistcoat for the 17" Tonner guys.

My three boy's heads are still with Dr Krow, and they're very nearly finished, so I'm excited.  Chances are I'll get caught up with playing with those for a bit....



  1. Gorgeous.... almost makes me want to get a Blythe just so I can make this!!! (no not going to happen..) I like how the skirt is caught up so you can see the petticoat underneath - I might have to nick that idea for one of the posh frocks for Ell - I've just got some very lovely coloured net with a slight shimmer... I see net petticoats on the horizon lol!!!!

    1. Oh yes do try the idea. I love to see petticoats. :) The net you've got sounds lovely!


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