Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Raccoon posse...

Slightly obsessive over these boys, but I figure they're well worth the effort.   The next lad I picked up was Benjamin... who, in my head will insist on being called Ben because it's more 'street' and less dorky.

Either way, he's such a handsome boy.   Dr Krow has done me proud, and the difference in the faces of my four Phin sculpts is really quite impressive.  For Ben, I wanted a British punk look, and have yet to make him a decent outfit, so he's in Lucas' old cast-offs.   For ages now I've been dying to have a go at a Mohawk wig, so I've done my best with this one.

The thing with Mohawks, is they look uber cool from the side, awesome from the back... but just a tad odd from the front.  

It's a pretty darn respectable Mohawk though, as they go.  However, I am going to get him a couple more wigs in this colour, so he has more than one look for me to fall back on. 

It can't be denied, he's one hell of a handsome dude. the grey eyes work for him too.  I'm in lurve.

Yah. This mah srs English face.

The bulb in my desklight died yesterday. It's a specialist circular tube and to have it expire the day before Christmas Eve was frankly paralysing.  However, I found a supplier online who guaranteed next day delivery. I gave it a shot, not really expecting Christmas miracles, but it arrived this morning at 11am!  It took only 13 hours from me ordering it, to being able to put in in my light and use it. 

I'm very happy.  It's a daylight bulb too, so I no longer have to colour correct the yellowish tint to all my photos.   (Also, K, if you ever read this, I totally swiped your bedsheet.)

Righto. Onto Phin.  :D

I was saving him until last, because I just knew I was going to swoon like a schoolgirls.  He is AMAZING.  He's way arrogant, and way wicked, and Dr Krow managed to give him the perfect little smirk I asked for.

With the dark brown eyes he's certainly a ladykiller. Never was there a more tempting demon....

Cue spammage:

I can't get over him.  He's my dream doll.  <3

Come hither.

 The new wig was fun to cut and style.  It also looked great on him when it was still long. very Heathcliff.   So I've ordered another black one, which he can wear long.

And here's a group shot where you can see the differences in the faces.   Loving every one of them.   I still need to fiddle and faff around, and Ben needs an outfit for sure, but it's nice to see the grouping. 

I think I have the four best Imperium Park Phin dolls in existence right now.  :)

Anyway, I hope you dolly peeps and anyone else who peruses my blog, ever, have a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year. 

Loads of dolly love to all.  xxx



  1. Have a fab Christmas and New Year Tess from me and the girls!! We're very taken with Phin (he's a bad boy alright!!) ... Del and Rhiannon are very happy for him to gatecrash!!!!! Love that mohawk... fab job... It's amazing how different they all look - I think you are right and you do have the four best Phin's out there!

    1. Hi Trish, thanks and Merry Christmas. :) I think this New Years party will be one to remember, lol.

  2. Fabulous posse of Phins, you have every reason to be proud :) Hard to choose a favourite but I think it would have to be the bad boy himself as his outfit just has such an incredible amount of detail. However, I might be persuaded to change my mind when Ben gets some clobber.... :)
    Sending you love and all the best for Christmas and the new year (will 2015 be the year of the Raccoon...?) xxxx

    1. Yeah, he's my fave as well. The outfit was hard work, but fun to make. Ben wants lots of studs and chains, so I'll have to oblige.

      Right back atcha. xxxxx


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