Monday, 12 January 2015

It doesn't have to be Thursday

TBT, be damned. I was looking through some old designs on my hard drive and felt nostalgic.   One of the items that caught my attention is this outfit I made for my Iplehouse JID girl Rachel.

Leotard, pants and overdress.... all fully lined!   The work it took, I can't begin to tell you.  

This outfit is in someone's private collection somewhere now, but I still love it, and it'll lend itself to Ellowyne and Patience beautifully.   Probably even Blythe.

The olive green fabrics in the leotard and pants are some I hand-dyed, so they had to be lined with un-dyed light fabric to eliminate the risk of staining on the doll's body.   This is why I tend to line everything I can.

Lined pants are quite fun and interesting to make, but when it comes to a lined leotard - it's no mean feat!

Love the whole look, the fabrics and even the pure cotton lace.  It's not as if I'm short of ideas for forthcoming patterns already, and when I look back through my past work - I sort of realise that I'll never really run out of inspiration.  The real problem is cramming it all in.



  1. I remember wishing that it was Ello sized when you made it! Lovely outfit and nice to see it again!

    1. I need to work out an Ell version - but it probably won't be quite as fully lined!

  2. Nice to see the reappearance of (not) throwback thursdays and hopefully you`re back on track with Patience now too :)

    1. Yes, I stopped trying to be a smartarse and went back to my tried and tested method, and now it's working properly. :)


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