Saturday, 17 January 2015

It's on its way.

The pinafore has been worked out and now fits perfectly, and is all finished, so all I have to do is scan in the pattern pieces and this new pattern should be available tomorrow. 

If all goes well...

Here's my Patience in her new outfit, she calls it her sunshine dress, because it's golden and happy, and the flowers on the Liberty Tana lawn pinafore are just perfect for Spring.  Which is on its way, honest.  Just a couple of months to go.

I also figured out the mock-ties rather nicely.   The pattern will show how to turn thin spaghetti straps the right side out - if you don't have a loop turner, and if you do. 

It will also show how I make these particular bows. They're a tad less bulky than simply tying a straightforward bow and sewing it on.

This is so cute on the doll!  I love it. Even though she's trying to tell me she's a tomboy and therefore wants dungarees....

I'm sorely tempted to buy another Patience and turn her into a boy - with a fur wig and a bit of a repaint.  Hmmmm.  



  1. So gorgeous.... love the Claire Aude fabric - it works really well.... the Patience gang are beside themselves with excitement.... and planning a raid on the liberty lawn stash!!!!

    1. It's one of the nicest I think. My Liberty stash hardly has a dent in it. I MUST get it used up... so I can buy more. ;)


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