Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ken clothes fit Patience!

I keep a small drawer full of doll clothes, both old stuff I've made myself, and factory items - just in case I get a new doll and something can be adapted to fit.   Seeing as I want to make a leotard and dungarees for Patience next, I fished out a Ken tee-shirt to see how easy it would be to adapt the pattern.

Lo and behold, it's a perfect fit!   I'm delighted. I can modify the tee into a nice leotard suitable for a little girl very easily now.

Here she is in my Ken tee:  The sleeves could be lengthened by about 1/4", but the short sleeved version wouldn't need adjusting at all.

The Ken tee can be bought here:

So I tried some factory Ken jeans just out of curiosity, and Patience can wear these very well.  They're a little long, but length is easy to adjust, or I could just turn them up.  The waist of the jeans is very loose, but they do sit okay, and I think when one comes to sew on the snaps, the jeans could simply be fitted to the Patience body then.

And here's a Fashionista Ken shirt: A perfect fit with no need to alter.

 I fished out a couple more bits.  This is a minidress I designed for Pedigree Sindy - many years ago now.  The fit is a bit tight, but the snaps fastened easily, and the pattern will need minor adjustment to the bodice. The sleeves could be adapted to any length.

 Lastly, Here's a dress I made for a Moxie Teenz girls, a few years back.  There needs to be more adjustment to the bodice, no darts, for example.  The sleeves are long and too tight over Patience's hands, (I had to remove her hands.  But I can modify that.

But the Ken thing is good news indeed. I need to try my own Ken jeans on Patience before I go around saying they'll fit.  But for now, the tee pattern is perfect, and available in my Etsy store.



  1. I love her in the shirt and jeans... all she needs is a cowboy hat!! I can quite see how with a few mods you can make her look more of a boy!! I've tried a few Sindy things on her but they weren't quite bit enough - must try the crochet dress I made for the Moxie Teen though!!

    1. I'm bowled over that the Ken shirts fit so well. I can sort out something with the jeans too. As I type, I'm making up the first draft of the new leotard too so I'm feeling industrious.

      Yes the Sindy dress is a bit tight in the torso, but because I cut my bodices in one poiec, the backs are on the bias, so there's some give in the garment which works out handy for fitting different sizes of doll.

      Hopefully crochet clothes for Moxies will work because there's more elasticity. The green dress is rigid, and the waist is too tight for the bottom snap to fasten. Let me know if the crochet Moxie dress fits, I'm really curious! lol.

    2. It fits... I tried to take a pic but the light is too bad and it never looks right with flash! The pattern was adapted from a Blythe crochet pattern - I don't think I ever posted the pic on Flickr - I think it was when we were trying out Ipernity so I posted it there!

    3. Sometimes the light is just so annoying. :p But that's good that it can be used for Patience!

    4. It would be if I could remember what mods I made to the pattern ... one day I will always remember to write it down lol!!

    5. Oops! That's my trouble with crochet. I battle through the shaping and the never write it all down.


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