Monday, 26 January 2015

Leotard for Patience.

Well, thanks to being able to adapt my Ken tee-shirt pattern, the leotard is a success on the first try.  I'll be making this short-sleeved and lower necked vaersion, along with a turtleneck version.  There will be the option of long or short sleeves for both, much the same as the Ken tee.

I haven't tried it on Zane yet, because frankly it's pink, but I have swiped his jeans to see if they fit well over the leotard.

And they do!

Here she is looking tomboyish but still in girly pink.

The YO-SD boots look adorable on her too.

Next, I need to figure out some dungarees. The Ken jeans should do well as a base pattern, but I need to decide how the dungarees bib will  be attached, because I'd prefer a waistband on these, rather than having the dungaree tops and legs cut as one piece.

Not sure yet.  Waistbands can involve way too much bulk, especially if I'm using denim, however lightweight.

Onwards and upwards....



  1. Fab... she looks great in casual wear... I'm not letting my girls see this I know what they are like and the Ells are complaining bitterly at the lack of new clothes... poor hard done by girls.....


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