Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Making a doll's dress bodice.

I've already shown how I do this on Flickr, a long old time ago, but I've added the images to my free tutorials page so people can look it up and have a go if they feel brave.  It's NOT a fully comprehensive tutorial, before people go messaging me and saying so.  It's just s series of photos on a creative couple of days I had at the time.

Flickr album: A creative meander.

It shows how I use the clingfilm and masking tape method of constructing a beautifully fitted dolls. bodice, In the album I use a modern Barbie body... onto which I've put a Moxie Girlz head, because I think they're so pretty, but their Moxie bodies are not poseable enough.

I used the same technique to make a fresh bodice for Patience.  She seems to be a lucky dolly for me, because everything I make her, so far, has gone right first time.

Now I've gone and jinxed myself haven't I?

The first draft of the bodice is a lovely fit, I've even checked that the sizing allows for the gathered skirt to be attached.    Now that I have this, I'll have a basic block that I can use for several different dresses. 

Still working away at it, and will be using it for the next Patience pattern.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off I go to sew...



  1. Oh we like this a this was what I was trying to achieve when I made the party frocks.... (yes I did try the masking tape and clingfilm) your version is much nicer... I think I'll leave you to making the patterns for me... :)

    1. It is a bit tricky mastering the clingfilm and masking tape technique, so it's always nice to know there are patterns around to use when it doesn't quite work out! This next Patience dress will be similar to the Ell pattern you have (#005.) A high-waisted puff-sleeve dress, and if I can work out how to make one, a pinafore to go over the top.

    2. Sounds lovely - I do like the puff sleeved dress and I can so see Patience in a pinny!!

  2. I`m wondering if you ever tried this technique for Pips? It gets so boring making strapless outfits so a rare moment of enthusiasm I tried this and failed spectacularly - but then, I admit I`m extremely challenged in the pattern making (and pattern following!) department, lol. If you succeeded, I`d love to see some pics :)

    1. I did try it once, but failed spectacularly also! The scale of Pippa is just not conducive to this method, annoyingly. I did manage a corset, once, I think, but I ended up making something like 5 versions anyway - because so many tweaks were needed - before I got it right.


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