Thursday, 15 January 2015

More fabrics from Lacuna Press

I'm a sucker for cotton lawn,  so whenever I can afford it, I get some printed up to my own designs from Lacuna Press.   The quality is always perfect, and they're so speedy!

These four fabrics are no exception.

The floral print is one I created to mimic some cotton poplin I have.  I'm not keen on poplin for doll garments at all, because it's so hard to get a needle through it when hand sewing and gathering.

The darker blue and the grape coloured fabric is very subtly mottled and I created it to tone in with a couple of my Liberty prints.  I used the Lacuna Press colour map to match up the colours I wanted, and they've printed out completely true to the colours I wanted.

The pale aqua fabric is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to print out a flat colour, to see if it would work and match up to another piece of patterned fabric I have in my stash - and that worked beautifully too.  :)

The photo doesn't quite do the lovely colours justice:

I really need to start sewing these pretty fabrics soon. I have a good sized stash of Lacuna cotton lawn now, but I'm probably as addicted to fabric as I am to dolls...



  1. You can never have too much fabric... or yarn or dolls........

    1. You're a woman after my own heart. ;)

    2. Lol... and I forgot you can never have too many books either !!!!

    3. True. A friend recently gave me 1780 e-books books on a flash drive. E-books are great if your don't have bookshelves.... or if you do and they're all full of dolls, lol.

    4. I'm a big e-book fan - I'd be lost without my kindle.... I love the fact I can carry around hundreds of books on something that's thinner than a real book and of course bookcases are for dolls lol!!!

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