Saturday, 3 January 2015

Patience is a virtue...

....Virtue is a grace.
Grace was a little girl who never washed her face.

I always find it very hard to get along with child, dolls, much preferring teenage types, but in Patience's case, I'm somewhat smitten.   The body is a good size and shape for designing clothing, and her expression is sorta cute.   She could almost be a younger sister for Ellowyne, if her head was in scale.

I'm awfully picky about doll's colourings and hair, and I couldn't quite take to my Patience's hairstyle - so, like many of my dollies, she got scalped and I put on a cute short wig I'd bought for my Pullip.  It's adorable on her and gives her the sort of personality I like.

Really suits her, I think. :)

She's sat on the shelf for many months while I played with the boys and my other girl dolls.  Now I've made a couple of bits and pieces for Blythe, Patience is really fun to sew for. 

My only real problem with my doll is her knee joints.  They're so loose that I had to splint them with some acetate just to get her to stand.  I posted about it on Facebook and was recommended to write to the Tonner doll hospital for advice, which I've done, and it being the weekend, I hope they'll get back to me some time in the week.

That aside, the first Patience pattern is coming along nicely. I've one more thing to figure out and add, then I can publish. I wanted a shoulder frill, or ruffle, or something to make the top of the dress a little less 'sexy', she's supposed to be a little girl after all.

Here she is, feeling terribly grown-up in this posh new frock:

Pardon the lack of attractive background, I just took a couple of quick snaps.   Love those frothy skirts with the big clumpy boots.

Patience wears YOSD sized boots very well, and stands up in them beautifully. 

Hoping to finish this look over the next couple of days, and I have some really cute stuff planned for the next few sewing patterns. :)



  1. Just gorgeous.... my Patience gang have now got a tad over excited!! All of my girls have the knee joint issue to an extent... Bel is the worst - I just assumed it was how the body was! Will be interested to see what Tonner Doll Hospital says!. I love her with the short wig..such a cute face who could resist her lol!!!

    1. Ah, maybe it is a body issue. I'll let you know if Tonner can help out. I love the wig too! It's a cute short style for a kiddo and will look great with frocks or tomboy stuff.

    2. Only problem is now they all want chunky boots (sigh!).... bless em!

    3. lol, I know, the moment I see a pair of boots I like, I'm reminded that my girls would all like a new pair.

  2. Oooh, this is so pretty. I`m tempted to buy a pattern just to see how you do your layered frills.... :)

    1. One way I get around it is to frill the skirt, then make a frilled petticoat to go underneath that just peeps out enough to make it look like an additional ruffle.

    2. Ah, that`s something I do with pips. I tend to make hipster petticoats with an elastic yoke so as not to spoil pips` hourglass shape by adding bulk at the waist. Probably a whole lot easier on a doll with a less exaggerated figure.

    3. I had the worst nightmares trying to reduce bulk for Pippa fashions, that's why I marvel at your sleek creations! It is an awful lot easier on a larger doll, even if the proportions are a bit exaggerated.


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