Friday, 2 January 2015

Pretty frills for Patience

Quick entry today.    I'm working on a pattern for Patience as my first one of 2015.  It's a version of the SSP-003 pattern for Blythe, and I'm making it in pale blue striped fabric. 

It's a really enjoyable dress to make, and I'd like to produce one for Ell too.   Perhaps a little more grown up though, not sure yet. 



  1. Oooh,,,,,, the Patience gang are excited .... looking forward to this one!

    1. She's such a nice size to sew for. And no boobage, which makes bodices SO much easier!

    2. Yes the flat chest was so much easier when I was making their party frocks....

  2. HI !
    My Patience is almost new, but her knees joints also are very weak.
    Have you found out if it's fixable? Tonners Hospital or somebody else?
    Please, respond!!! I payied for her $330.
    THANK YOU!!!


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