Monday, 5 January 2015

Patience sewing pattern SSP-004

And here it is, my first Patience pattern.   I'm informed she shares a body with Marley Wentworth, Agnes Dreary and the Tonner Harry Potter kids too, so this should fit those dolls.

Available now in my Etsy store:

Or here on my blog:

This was one of my nicest projects so far. A good way to start the year - everything went right!   Here are some images of the ensemble:

The shoulder ruffle is nice and versatile, it does everything I wanted it to do:

This is a real Southern Belle style of dress with the armlets. Patience feels very posh and grown up.

Or you can have the dress without the ruffle at all:

And here's what the petticoat is like.  It's mid-calf length, and has a proper waistband:

So that's that.  Now I have a few more cute ideas to dress this lovely little doll.   I need some coffee and then I need to clear away the debris from my desk.... it's a veritable tip.



  1. Gorgeous pics! I like the ruffle as straps. My girls are excited and determined to get five different looks from the one pattern.... they don't want much lol!!

    1. lol! They're going to be keeping you busy all right. Thanks so much for the purchase by the way. ... and my first one through the blog too! The A4 format is all included so there won't be any more documents to send now I've streamlined it all down.

    2. I don't mind making for Patience she's so cute!! Thought I'd try it through the website for a change! I take it you know about the changes to EU law re digital downloads and VAT - I've seen a lot about it over on Ravelry!

    3. I hope the process was easy. It's supposed to be, but apart from getting my housemate to buy the knickers pattern (I paid her back ) to test it out, I'm never sure if these sites live up to their claims.

      Luckily I don't have to register for VAT. Not until I'm turning over £67,000 a year. I wish!!! II would be happy to pay for VAT if I could earn that much.


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