Saturday, 31 January 2015

Taking forever...

What could be easier? I thought. Than a nice pair of dungarees over a leotard?  What project could be simpler? No complicated fitting to do, just bib and pants,  then bib and skirt, to make a bib-dress.   I can make a really nice pattern with these.


"Cheer up. It's all going to be lovely,"  Says Patience, sitting down with a needle and thread.   "I'm sure I can help you fix this."

"No darling.." I tell her.  "It's not the dungarees that are the problem, it's the dress that needs restyling."

But she doesn't want to take the dress off tonight.  Her excuse is that I need a break and if she's wearing the dress I want to fix,  I'll be forced to take one.


She means well. ;)



  1. Aw, that`s so sweet. Here`s you working your socks off and I`ve barely even got going this year...

    1. I can't seem to stop! We might have some financial difficulty as a household soon, so I want to try and get this tiny bit of extra income a bit more regular.

    2. Oh no, that doesn`t sound good :( I hope the hard times are only temporary or preferably don`t come at all xxx

  2. Aww they are such helpful girls! Mimi sat beside me all day yesterday... making sure I got on with her pinny - just have to do the snaps and finish the ties and then we might get better pics today!! Thank you for the suggestion to buy forceps and loop tool... how much easier do they make it - money well spent!! ... We like the bib dress a lot!!

    1. They do their best. ;)

      Ooh yay, pics. :) I hope it's going well and you've got your mojo back a bit. Those tools are SUCH a welcome addition, and I do like cheap, lol. I'm glad you got some and they're proving worth having.


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