Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The next Patience project.

Next will come a pretty dress with a fitted bodice and romantic flouncy sleeves. 

Along with bloomers. 

Because I've been wanting to publish a pattern for bloomers for a while now.   I'll try to do some for Ellowyne, Blythe and possibly Monster High too.

There are so many patterns for different dolls sitting in my filing system (okay, a box,) and so many ideas in my head.   The days are not long enough!

I'm making this one in Lacuna cotton lawn that has been printed with my own fabric design, along with some pretty aqua cheesecloth.

Got off to a good start today.  Much sewing to do, and now I feel like I have a dozen new ideas in my head for fabric prints too.



  1. Fab - more excited chattering from the sofa (or they may just be cold!!)

    1. lol! Wrap them up snug.

    2. Don't worry they've been tucked under one of my knitted shawls since it got cold!!!

    3. It can only be excitement then. ;) I often look at some of my dolls who are still in the buff, in the middle of January, and feel vaguely guilty.


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