Thursday, 29 January 2015

Who can wear Patience's clothes?

After a discussion on the Facebook Tonner & Wilde group recently,  I've managed to draw these conclusions.

Ken dolls ( as in Barbie) can swap clothing with Patience.  Ken's legs are a fraction longer than Patience's, but all my Ken clothes fit my Patience dolls.

Agnes Dreary - (Patience shares the same body)

Tonner Harry Potter kids - (Patience shares the same body)

Marley Wentworth - is apparently exactly the same size too, but her body is very slightly different. It's a bit longer, as the doll is taller.

Maudlynne Macabre.  - A slightly taller doll, but with very similar measurements.

Measurements were kindly supplied by Nicolette over on Facebook.

Patience: Height 14", Bust 5 1/2, Waist 4 5/8", Hips 5 3/4"

Maudlynne: Height 15 1/4", Bust 5 1/2", Waist 4 3/8", Hips 5 3/4"

(For general Tonner/Wilde body types, this is a good comparison site. you can also see bodies of Patience and Marley there. Link provided by Aldina in the comments below.)

The only differences seem to be height and waist size. Maudlynne is just that teeny bit thinner in the waist than Patience. 

As for the height, It seems to be mostly in the legs, because looking at pictures of the bodies side by side, the torso of both dolls do appear to be very similar.

Again, thanks to Nicolette for these comparison shots!

Very handy pics. It's hard to find Tonner body comparisons on the interwebs.

ADDENDUM: I couldn't find a nude dolly pic of any of the Harry Potter kids at all, annoyingly.  I have seen one, that was the same body as Patience, but I can't for the life of me find it again.

But I did find one of Marley Wentworth and Agnes dreary.  They're not alongside Patience, but you can get a good idea that Agnes has Patience's body, but Marley's body seems to be a bit different.


Marley x 2:


As for the dungarees pattern I'm currently fiddling about with, it's all going very nicely, but I keep getting fresh ideas that take me off in different directions.  Which is an okay problem to have.  I'd rather have too many ideas than not enough.  

But a few other ideas have sprung from doing this, and once I've sorted them all out, should be loads of fun to sew. :)

My desk is a tip.   Poor Patience will soon be buried in different jeans designs....



  1. really appreciate your site. not easy to find sites for body comparisons or for info on who can wear what clothes. this site has helped me a lot. i have a patience doll arriving in a few days and have a muadlynne doll on hold. i have a hughe doll family so even with sharing clothes it can get expensive.

    1. I'm really happy to know it helps someone! I have just spotted a typo though, I said that Maudlynne's waist was a tiny bit thicker than Patience's, it's actually a smidge thinner. I've amended the typo now though.

      Ken dolls (as in Barbie) can also swap clothing with Patience. I should add that too. Ken's legs are just a fraction longer than Patience's, but all my Ken clothes fit my Patience dolls.

  2. You can find a very nice body refence here:

    1. Ahh, yes, I have actually seen this page, but couldn't for the life of me find it again. Thanks for the link. I'll edit the post and include it. :)


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