Friday, 6 February 2015

Customer's work.

I've been wanting to show the work of some of my customers, who have been using my sewing patterns.  I tried to wait until I had some more images, but what I'll do is post these two now and post any more takers later on.

This first is by the very wonderful and talented Trish from tillietogs,  whose own work in crochet and knitting can be seen over on Flickr.  Trish has used pattern SSP-005, which is available on Etsy.

The ensemble is made in mouth-watering Liberty Tana Lawn, to which both Trish and I are addicted. ;)

This second outfit is by the lovely Julie, over on Facebook.  It's pattern SSP-004, and also readily available over at Etsy.

I love the combination of floral fabric and stripes in this. It's just gorgeous and the blonde Patience in the background looks somewhat envious, methinks.

(Just as an aside, Thanks to both ladies for permission to show these - and I jut want to add that I don't really like putting people's full names on the Internet.)

Yet to be finished is the newest pattern in the SSP range.  It started out as a leotard and dungarees for Patience, but I couldn't resist adding a bib dress for that bit of extra value.

Here's a sneak peek of things to come.

This pattern has taken a long time to do, because I'm designing it as I go along. It's almost done.  I just need to sew up a turtle-neck leotard and convert my newest Patience doll into a boy for the cover photos.



  1. All so beautifully dressed with cute faces. Love them all.

    1. Hello! And thanks for the comment. Yep, they're adorable girls.

  2. Loving what these ladies have made from your patterns and looking forward to seeing more! :)

    1. It's always so nice to see what fabrics someone else has picked... and of course that the patterns work properly, haha.

  3. I have lost the plot... I looked at the first picture and then thought ooh that's nice then I realised why it looked familiar.... there is no hope.. thank goodness it's Friday!!! Love the dress from SSP004 I may try that next and really nice to see what someone else has made. We're loving that Bib dress..I can see fights for that one. Look forward to seeing Patience reimagined as a boy .... my new Ell arrived... she's lush...

    1. Oh dear, well, these senior moments come to us all, lol! Yes, that shoulder ruffle from SSP-004 is just so charming. The bib dress and dingies are almost there, I just need to scan in the patterns and do the admin. My Patience boy is partially repainted and has a partially trimmed wig already. I'll post a pic tomorrow, hopefully. he's looing a proper little boy, I'm so pleased, but I will need to take time to re-do his eyebrows at some stage.

      He's going to be called Patch, and my girl is beginning to tell me she wants to be called Pepper, like the nice lady in Iron Man.


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