Saturday, 28 February 2015

First half of my birthday pressie.

Having recently turned 50, I bought myself a couple of new dollies.  No surprise there then. 

I've always loved Poppy Parker, but the 12" body I have (it's actually Darla, not Poppy herself) is so awkward and the knees won't stay straight, that I though I'd prefer a 16" version.  But then did I choose Poppy or Tulabelle, who is equally gorgeous?

So I bought both.

Well, it is a landmark birthday. 

I'm happy to buy nude dolls from Ebay sellers, because it's so much less money than buying the dolls fully kitted out.  This is no problem when one can sew.

Tulabelle is the first to arrive just a wee while ago in fact.  I'm so pleased with her.  The joints are good and firm, and I love her proportions.  It's going to be fun designing some clothing for her. 

Here she is ... managing to look fabulous in a bit of scrap fabric.  (Well I couldn't leave the poor girl in the buff.)


She's kinda cute and sassy,  great fun to pose.  Her hair is thick and lovely, but seems to have some kind of oily stuff in it, so I'll give here a bit of a shampoo and  a restyle.  Later on I may even scalp her and use wigs.

 Not the best pics ever, and excuse the chaos on my workdesk.

Can't wait for Poppy to get here.  :)



  1. I like this gal a lot :) Can`t wait to see what you dream up for her :)

    1. She has such an exaggerated 1950s shape, I want to make 50's stuff for her. :)

  2. She's very pretty... why do they put the gunky stuff in the hair - lots of my Ells had it too! Looking forward to seeing what you create for her!!

    1. Some of my Ells had it too... cardboard hair syndrome, lol. This stuff is sort of oily and it needs a good shampoo.


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