Sunday, 22 February 2015

Glam rock Patience.

I had this retro 70's idea in my head that I just couldn't let go; so I made some stencilled flares, a bakersboy hat and waistcoat for Patience, with a flouncy-sleeved top to go under it all.

I love purple.   I have a friend who loves purple (you know who you are,)  and purple set in a 70s context always reminds me of Donny Osmond's socks.  So yes, purple it is then. Although I was always more of a Rubettes and Slade girl myself... although I didn't really become an interested teenager until Punk Rock happened. I was born about 5 years too late to really get into Glam rock, but there we go.  I can claim to remember it.

I'll be publishing the pattern hopefully in the next couple of days. It will include these exaggerated flares, some regular flares and some straight-leg pants too.  

There's quite a lot crammed into this pattern, so loads of pieces to draw up and lots of labelling to do.   



  1. Hey, nice Rubettes hat and those flares are way cool! :) I have fond recollections of all the artists/genres you mention; in those days my mum, sister and I used to go shares (15p each) to buy a single! ;)

    1. OMG when I think about how much a single used to cost! :O


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