Saturday, 7 February 2015

Patience sewing pattern SSP-007

Et voila the twins, in their new gear, with this latest pattern from Raccoon HQ.  It took a little longer, but the extra effort was worth it for a great fit and a really nice pattern with extras.

Available in my etsy store:

Or here in my blog:

Patience Wilde sewing pattern

Pepper has a nice long skirt for her bib dress, and Patch has a pair of denim dungarees for getting up to - Well. Whatever little boys get up to.

 The leotard is versatile. You can have long or short sleeves, three different styles of neckline.  The dress and dungarees could also be shortened very easily.

And, due to the fact I used my Ken tutorial patterns #001 and #002 to create this package, the dungarees and leotard fit Ken very nicely.  

Zane has gotten in on the act here.  You would need to lengthen the dungaree legs buy about 1/4" or a smidge more, because they're just a teeny bit short on him.

(I do like a guy in dungarees and nowt else.)

So there it is. :)

I know I promised more pics of Patch on Facebook yesterday.  Here's the one I posted over there:

Patch is a Dorothy/Wizard of OZ Patience, with the eyebrows repainted, and freckles added. I also trimmed down the eyelashes just a wee bit, but left them long at the outside corners of the eyes.  Boys and men can have just as long eyelashes as we girlies.

He makes a great boy I think. So here's another shot:

The wig I have here is too tight, and I can't style it the way I want, so I'm waiting for a new one, which hopefully I can alter and trim just right.

My Patience is now called Pepper, because she likes the nice lady in Iron Man. ;)



  1. so cute... Love Patch!!! nice versatile pattern too.... I love guys in JUST overalls too.. hot

    1. Thanks Kath, Mmm guys in overalls. Yummy.

  2. Love love love them and the pattern!!! I think my twins Zsa Zsa and Kiki have their eyes on these outfits!! Patch looks fab... and yes I know a lot of chaps with long eyelashes.. it never seemed fair to me!!! I imagine Patch and Pepper will get up to all sorts of mischief!! Loving Ken in the dungarees too!!!

    1. My little brother always had long dark eyelashes, it annoyed the heck out of me and my mum. :p

      (Ooh, thank you for the purchases. <3 Your girls really are keeping you busy, lol.)


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