Monday, 23 February 2015

Patience sewing pattern SSP-009 "Seventies Retro"

This will be the last one for Patience for a while.  I'm moving back to Ellowyne for my next few patterns, and then I have had requests for Pedigree Sindy patterns too... and after that, perhaps I can get around to publishing the waistcoat and coat patterns for the Phin guys.

I made this outfit for Pedigree Sindy a few years ago now, and I've just turned 50 so I felt like celebrating my approach to old age with a little trip down memory lane... I always think of the Rubettes when I see a bakersboy hat.

Available here in my Etsy store.

(I'm not selling patterns from the blog for a while, until all the EU VAT legislation is a bit clearer)

Patience wears a pair of exaggerated flared pants, (stencils & stencil instructions are not included in the pattern,) a floppy-sleeved top, a short tomboyish waistcoat and my all-time fave of hats, the bakersboy hat.  I believe they're called newsboy hats in the States?

tonner patience sewing pattern

Included are some extra pant styles,  A regular flare, and a straight-leg. So you can modernise or re-style your outfit if you prefer.

The top looks cute on its own. The sleeves can easily be changed if you leave out the ruffles.

I like my bakersboy hats nice and oversized.  This is the way I like them to sit on dolly's head, but it's an easy matter to alter the size, just by shortening the hatband. There's no need to scale down all the other pieces.

 I stencilled my pants with pearlescent acrylic paint, mixed with a little textile medium. These are the extra-flared pants.

 And here's how the top looks with the waistcoat from the back:

And did I mention I love purple? ;)



  1. Love love love it!!!! The Ells are pleased to hear it's their turn next.... I just need to get back to sewing .. still struggling with this cold/cough.. fed up with it now!! I think Sindy patterns will go down well - I've tried Barbie ones but the shape isn't quite right! Happy Birthday for last week if I'd been more with it I'd have remembered (Ipernity kept trying to remind me!!) Ah the Rubettes loved them saw them a few years back with ShowWaddyWaddy and what was left of the Sweet... great night out you can't beat the 70s!!!

    1. Yep, with Spring coming, I fancied some soft romantic outfits for dear Ell. :)

      Yuk, I hope your bug clears up soon, one never feels enthusiastic about anything when the lurgy is hanging around. *hugs*

      And thank you! I tend to keep quiet about my birthday until it's over, lol.

      Love the 70s. I'm more of the punk era myself, but I do love all the glam rock.

  2. Hi, New commentator here - first, your designs are so beautiful and so impeccably made, it was a real treat to read through all your lovely posts. I looked through all your patterns, because I would love to make something for my new (first) BJD that is arriving soon but she is Iplehouse Tania (I see you have one) and there are no patterns for a JID. I was wondering if you would ever consider designing something for a JID girl? I would buy it in a flash, wouldn't even matter what it was really - everything you design is gorgeous. Cheers, Tash.

    1. Hello! Thanks for calling in. :) And thank you so much for the kind words.

      I do have a couple of patterns in mind for JID girls, but the only doll I have is the large bust (not the glamour bust, she's the medium bust doll but IpleHouse call her "large") so the patterns I have in mind will only fit that size of doll body.

      It will also take a while, I have numerous dolls lined up awaiting patterns, so could take a few months.


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