Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tights on the brain...

I thought I'd make a tights pattern for Patience, because I often want to make a pair of tights, stocking, or leggings, just to finish off an outfit.

The trouble with this is that all stretch fabrics vary so HUGELY.  So it's hard to come up with one really definitive, beautifully fitted tights pattern.

Mulling this over, I also decided I wanted the tights pattern to be versatile, so leggings, shorts and socks can be made quite easily.   I'm still on the actual tights and leggings at the mo.

In the past couple of days, I've made 8 pairs of tights/leggings (only half of which fit) and a pair of socks. I'm actually on my 8th pair now.

What I'm doing is making two pattern pieces for each garment, one for fabric with 2-way stretch, and the other for fabric with 4-way stretch.  To try and help matters along, I'm putting a section of information about stretch jersey fabric at the beginning of the pattern. With pictures, and the supplier I use mostly.

I hope it all works.  The only tights pattern I could find for Patience came with a whole other outfit, which I didn't want to buy, really.

Anyway.  I'll persevere. I think I'm nearly there.  They're no-elastic tights/leggings too, so they're really easy to make.



  1. I haven't tried making tights/stockings for Patience even though I do have patterns! Most of mine came with tights and Mimi usually wears the pair that came in a Sindy job lot which are too big for Sindy but perfect for her! Socks.. I'm very interested in socks... knitting human sized ones at the moment!!

  2. (Dear lord I've been trying to get a comment to show since yesterday! It seems my anti spyware thingie doesn't like blogger very much)

    I love to see striped stockings or tights with skirts and big boots, but of all the patterns I've bought and tried - none of them worked very well. So I've ended up making my own specific to the fabrics I've used. I've offered lots of advice in this pattern, and included links on where I buy my fabrics, so hopefully, it'll all work, lol.

    My first Patience came with two paris of tights, one very stretchy, one hardly stretchy at all, so they were useful as guides whilst drafting the pattern.

    Oooh, I used to love knitting my own socks when I was an art student!

    1. Silly blogger and the anti spyware!! I always make my own socks!

    2. There's nothing like handmade socks. :)

  3. Oh my golly, I continue to be absolutely amazed by your attention to detail - You are so talented!

    1. Thank you Josie! I'm still making them.... ten items so far, less than half of which fit properly, argh.


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