Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tulip wrap skirt.

I think that's what it's called, although I think of it as a rosebud skirt. Anyway... This attempt at couture was inspired by Tommy Courtney over on Facebook, whose blog I follow and whom I rather admire.   Tommy is currently making a couture gown and showing pictures of progress over on FB, and it made me want to try something a bit more "engineered".

My inspiration is not exactly royalty in the doll world, but I have an Ever After High Briar Beauty, whose dress has been making me want to take it apart and figure it out for months now.

I'd got myself a tad worked up over producing sewing patterns non-stop, and when I get anxious I get ill, so I really do need a short break. With this in mind I spent the day 'plying' and had a go at making something similar for Ellowyne today.

It's just a rough toile to start with, so all the fabric is mismatched - because I prefer to use up scraps rather than making my toiles in plain white calico or muslin.

The first attempt is kinda interesting, but looks as if it's just a little too big all round.  I'll have another go tomorrow.  It looks nicely sculpted though, which is what I was aiming for.  The exaggerated size might be quite interesting though.

Here's the inspiration pic. My own Briar Beauty dress is now lying in neatly unpicked and ironed pieces!  I think this would look pretty sweet on Blythe too.

I think it should look sort of mini and cute, but is rather bulky, and probably too long.  Also - I fully lined all four skirt panels, and with the four crossed-over layers at the front, the waist seam got really bulky.  I'll have to either make unlined skirt panels, or reduce some of the gathering.

I played with rolling up the hems like an opening rosebud, and it could look pretty if sewn this way, but I still think the scale is off.

I'm not the worlds most experienced pattern cutter. I have to go and look up blogs like "Well Suited" To find out what shapes I need to cut my patterns when making something with a particular sort of drape.  But knowing what shape to cut doesn't mean I know how the sizing goes!

Ah well. I had  a load of stress-free fun, so was worth doing.



  1. I'd say it was a tulip shaped skirt... nice - I do like the one with the turn back (last pic)... and yes don't overdo it... slow down and have a bit of a break ... give me a chance to catch up and finally make something ... the Patience gang are getting restless!!

    1. A couple of people have said they like the turn back, so I'll work on that part. :) lol, I can imagine they're giving you appealing glances.

  2. Oh wow! I`ve made some tulip skirts for pips but never thought to double layer them (looks fab!) nor gather - which I think would be easier than trying to get a fitted finish - so as always you`ve proved rather inspirational! :)

    1. Actually - you've just given me the idea of fitting the skirt and not gathering. It makes for an incredibly bulky waist seam, which I can sort of cope with, but novices might find difficult. I do like the gathered look though. Le sigh, what to do....


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