Saturday, 7 March 2015

16" Poppy Parker (and some Gimp tomfoolery)

Poppy arrived yesterday but I was getting so bitter and twisted over that stupid tulip skirt that I didn't have time to appreciate or to show her.   So today I'm taking a break.

She's gorgeous.  *Happy sigh*   I've always loved Poppy Parker but I don't like the 12" bodies. They flop about and are hard to pose. The 16" body is fab though.  I like the hinged feet, and the knees stay straight.  The hands also pop off like the smaller Integrity Toys dolls, so yay for that too.

Firstly I had to do something about her cardboard hair.  I like the way it's styled around her head, but I gently washed the cardboard curls that hand at the back, and trimmed off the tangly edges. Then I coated the hair in some of my own human hair gel, which just holds it nicely.

It's nice and glossy now, with no fly-aways

I also sorted out Tulabelle's hair, which is lovely but really flat on top which made her look weird. I've restyled it into an updo with the help of more human hair gel.   human hair gel washes out easily, and really does seem to hold doll hair in place.

I'm so glad I bought both dolls.  Their faces are so different and I love the shared body.   I also like the snooty supermodel expressions they both have, although Tulabelle looks a little less of a diva than Poppy.

I’ve also been messing about with some new filters I've installed in the Gimp.  Most filters are a pile of poop, but a couple work really well.

Here's a pencil portrait filter:

And  a colour sketch filter:

This also looks good with the photo of both girls:  the only trouble with some filters is they don't deal with eye details very well.

And I love this one, it's a graphic novel filter, and makes the photo look like  painting:

Of course I couldn't let it go with the girls, I had to try a couple of these on Phin:

Pencil portrait:

And the graphic novel one: Not as good as the girls, but I quite like it.

But yes. I digress.

Needless to say, I will be making some lovely things for the new girls to wear.  They have such a 1950s hourglass shape to their bodies that I feel 50s retro inspired. :)

But there's a long old list of things I want to get done, so the new girls will have to wait around for a bit.  My poor Cami is still standing on the shelf virtually untouched.  So many dolls, so little time...



  1. She's lovely and I really like that graphic novel filter on the girls!

    1. Thank you! I had fun with the artwork. it makes me want to get my paints out and paint dollies. I always start wanting to paint when Spring approaches.

  2. This is a gorgeous pair of gals, I especially like Tulabelle and the pics are great fun :)

    1. I'm very taken with these dolls. Thanks Anj, the artwork was so absorbing I ended up with too many images.


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