Sunday, 29 March 2015

A nice gentle Sunday

I haven't been slacking in my absence, honest guv.  After a couple of requests, I've picked up my vintage Pedigree Sindy dolls so I can make some sewing patterns.

For over a week, I've been working on something similar based on the SSP-009 Patience retro outfit... which in turn is actually a design that I based on an old Sindy outfit I made years back.  So many years in fact, I pulled out my old pattern pieces and realised I've learnt so much since those early days!  The old patterns are not so good, they have weird darts that just don't belong in a sewing pattern when the design could be so much better.

But!  I'm undeterred.  I've been re-drafting those old patterns in a more professional way, and the clothing is looking good.

This is the original outfit, the one I based the Patience design on:  I don't have the doll in this picture any more, she's a partial repaint with a silky re-root that I sold way back then.  And hopefully is still in a collection somewhere where she's being enjoyed.

Love this outfit so much.

Just to go off on a tangent some... I thought I had three old Pedigree Sindys in my storage box, but after turning my room inside out, I can only find two.  I'm gutted because the one that is lost is a minty Active Sindy - with working ankles, whose plastic was fresh and pink and still looked like new.  I can't think what's happened to her, but I'm hoping she'll turn up in a box somewhere.

But anyway, the Active Sindy I still have - although she's very shabby and I have to tape her waist in place, is still good enough as a fitting model.  She's been waiting for a re-root since forever, but I found a little wig that was too small for my Monster High dolls, and fits her perfectly.

Here she is as the new outfit is being sewn. The wig is very cute. 

It's always a trip down memory lane sewing for Sindy dolls.

My second Sindy is just a basic Pedigree body, in much better nick, and who has a re-root and partial repaint.  I prefer the pose-ability of the Active body, but the basic Pedigree body is slightly different so it's good to have both dolls so I can make the patterns fit them both.

Here's my basic girl.  I gave her green eyes and freckles too, they look lovely with the four shades of red I used for her hair.  I do like these dolls, but the lack of pose-ability in the Pedigree basic drives me nuts.

I had a Pedigree Sindy as a kid, (along with Daisy and Pippa,) and never owned a Barbie until I was in my late 30s.   I remember one summer, my little brother and I were allowed to bicycle into the local town (we lived in rural Devon) all by ourselves!  We went to a sort of country fayre, where they had jousting and medieval re-enactments, along with sideshows and things.  It was a glorious sunny day, and we had the most fun - and didn't even squabble for the whole time. 

Anyway, I was so taken by the medieval ladies costumes, I went home and spent the next couple of days making a medieval gown, over-gown, wimple and circlet for my Sindy doll.  I often used to make not-very-good clothes for my Pippa dolls, but this one Sindy outfit was my crowning achievement, and it's the single doll outfit that made me want to start sewing for dolls as an adult over 15 years ago.

I wish I had a picture of it.  I might try to re-create it for Ellowyne. That would be so much fun...

But yes, it's Sunday, I'm being lazy, and I'm maundering. Back to the present day.

The retro outfit pattern isn't finished yet, because I'm waiting for some fabric to arrive.  The weekend isn't a write-off though, I've been spending it re-drafting a brand new bodice for Sindy.  It's going really well.

The first attempt - the grey one on the left was almost okay, but a few things bothered me, so I made a second toile, the green one on the right.  The fit is perfect, and I'm looking forward to making a lovely summer frock.

I have some fabulous cotton lawn in my stash. The print is sort of small, but it changes over a large area of the fabric making the actual repeat really huge. It would make a really interesting summer gown, but I'm not sure if the scale is better suited to Ell.  We'll see.



  1. Looking lovey so far.... there are so few patterns out there for Sindy and the Barbie ones I tried were not a good fit! If you need any more Sindys for fit models let me know I've got plenty that you could have! Two leotards down.... two dungarees cut out and ready to go.... I'm hoping for an Easter Parade for the Patience tribe in their dungarees!!!

    1. I'm hoping to do some Barbie ones too, but they’ll be for the modern "belly button" Barbies. I'd love a Silkstone, but they cost too much for me at the moment.

      Ooh lots of Sindys eh? I think I'm okay with my two girls, I just wish I could find my minty one.

  2. Yay so pleased you have started making patterns for Sindy looking forwards to the summer dress one

    1. Thanks Debbie :) I'll be making a few dresses for Sindy, if all goes well....

    2. Yay cant wait

  3. This post was so much fun to read, I love your meandering tales of past dollying :)

    1. Superb. If just one person in the world enjoys reading it, then my work is done. :)


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