Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ellowyne Wilde sewing pattern SSP-010 "Gypsy".

Having had some gorgeous Pakistani lawn, which I hand-dyed a while ago, I came up with this lovely dress with a real romantic woodlands feel to it.   I'm kinda tempted to make a floral crown and some faery wings to go with this at some point.

The striped fabric is my own design from Lacuna press.  I love autumnal shades, but this lovely outfit will look good in soft spring, or hot summer shades.

It's the Ellowyne version of Patience’s "Posh Frock" (SSP-004.) Both patterns can be found in my Etsy shop, in the Straightforward patterns" section.

Here's the link to this newest pattern: 

I love the red wig with these colours.

You will need to remove Ell's hands to put on the armlets.  These dolls are designed much like Monster High and fashion Royalty dolls.  (I'm also pleased that my new Tulabelle has removable hands too.)  Even the by's hands pop off. A really good design I feel.  Ell's hands tend to be very firmly fixed in, and I remove mine by twisting and tugging at the same time.

The dress can be made without the ruffle if you prefer.  (Excuse the pin) and I've made my petticoat in the contrast stripey fabric that I’ve used for the armlet and skirt ruffles.  It all ties in nicely.

And here's Ell looking very demure:

This is such a fun pattern, I enjoy making it up every time I size it for a new dolly.   :)




  1. Fabulous... good timing ... it's pay day today!!!! The Ells are very excited... not sure why as there's a long queue before we get to this one lol!!! Now slow down a bit so I can catch up!!! I love the fabric you've used - nice colours.

    1. I can imagine a long queue of hopeful little faces, lol. Thanks so much for the purchase. :) I do like olive and moss greens, but I'm never sure if they're quite as popular with everyone else.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and colours and as you say, they go especially well with the wig. I love this Ell's complexion, the whole look with the blue eyes, natural lips and red hair is enchanting :)

    1. Thanks Anj - I do love redheads in muted greens. This is the first time I've tried that particular wig on Pris and it really suits her.


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