Friday, 6 March 2015

Working on the tulip dress.

Still slogging away at the tulip wrap dress.   I decided the bodice needs to have a wrapped look too, to give the final dress unity, so that's what I've been working on today.

It's nearly there.   The only problem is that the front has to wrap, and it needs a back opening too.  I could make it front opening, but that would cause problems with not being able to hide snaps or hooks, or whatever.  So when it's being sewn, the bodice needs to be pinned at the back, pined at the front so it sits perfectly on the body, then re-pinned both at back and front until it's all perfect.

It'll be worth doing though, if only I can make it work!

I don't always use plain fabrics like muslin or calico for my toiles, I prefer to use up scraps and use the kinds of fabric that people will probably use when making my patterns.  I'm trying this dress in quilters-weight cotton.  I usually use lighter weight fabrics such as lawn, voile, batiste etc, but this garment needs a bit of structure, so the quilters-weight fabric is probably the best to choose.

Next, another attempt at the skirt.


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