Sunday, 12 April 2015

16" Poppy Parker

I've been in love with Poppy for so long now, but I prefer the larger scale to the 12" dolls whenever I have the choice, so I was happy to get a nude 16 inch Poppy Parker for a good price on Ebay.

I had to put the Sindy dolls aside for a bit. I've made two patterns for them, but I was getting all het up and feeling so pressured to sew for them that I needed a break.  Nobody's fault. I just get over anxious sometimes and have to have a day off and pick up something else.

To get my mind off things, I spent a day reading an Inspector banks novel, and just browsing 1950s dresses on Pinterest.   I love the shape of Poppy and Tulabelle. They're perfect for 50s fashion, so yesterday I started drafting a bodice for Poppy. 

It went right first time, yay.  :)   So today I'm trying to get the full skirt right.  I adore 50s dresses, and have been saving images  in an inspiration folder.  This first dress will be a very basic 50s shaped dress, and I'll get more ambitious the more I do.

I love the burnt orange/rust colour on her.

These following are not my pics, but I just love the vintage style.

Once I sit down and start drafting a new pattern, or sew, all the anxiety and the depression seems to lift.  Hence I do a lot of it!  I feel blessed to have something so creative in my life.

I've had to re-draft the skirt.  I need to get it just right, nice and full. The secret of a good 50s shape in a frock is the voluminous petticoats underneath, so I'm really looking forward to that part. 

More to come as I progress.


  1. Looks good so far... I love the dress in the last pic - might have to try something like that for Ell! I have lace and netting.... hmmm to much to do and not enough time!! I too prefer creating for Ell and Patience more than Sindy - sometimes Sindy sized is just too fiddy lol!!

    1. Me too, they're sumptuous dresses. :) I really must make something for Ell too. I was so taken with Poppy's tiny waist, but Ell will look beautiful in something fifties-style methinks.


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