Monday, 13 April 2015

A little more on the fifties dress

Two posts in one day?  I must be keen. ;)

The dress for 16" Poppy Parker looks a lot better with a petticoat underneath.  I'm still not happy with the actual petticoat, but I'll perhaps make another.

It now has that lovely shape to the skirt:

As you can see from this smaller image I posted earlier, sans petticoat, it makes a difference.

I've ordered some tulle for the petticoat I'd really like to make, but for today, I had an idea and so I attempted to make one with some of the bargain chiffon I bought recently.  The only trouble is, I realised the chiffon I have is polyester. Eww. Blech. It's a nightmare to press the seams flat as polyester is notoriously difficult to get a crease into.

With a damp cloth I did manage to succeed... but after having spent the afternoon cutting and sewing the stuff - which wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be, thanks to fray check - I went to press the first seam and ended up melting the stupid thing.

I use cottons almost exclusively, and so I'm not used to adjusting my iron for things like polyester.  I finished it off anyway, to see how it would look, and it's almost okay.   It looks much better with the dress over it.

Poly is impossible to style, and I only decided to try it because, well, poly fabrics are so voluminous and pouffy, and one can't wet them to coax them into a sleeker shape, so the only use I can see for the stuff I have is for a petticoat that needs to support a dress in a certain way.

Chances are I'll go back to my favourite cotton voile and make a double-layered petticoat.  I now have a bag of poly chiffon I don't think I even want to use. I'm so glad it was uber-cheap.



  1. Looking good - I think the tulle will work better than chiffon - but you're right it is a lovely shape dress!

    1. Thanks Trish. I chickened out of using the tulle and went for - guess what - cotton voile, lol! I love the stuff and I'm a teeny bit terrified of sewing tulle. Even though I keep looking at it and stroking it....


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