Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bargain buy

I recently bought a kilo of chiffon offcuts, they were an absolute bargain and arrived today.

OMG. What was I thinking?? CHIFFON?

It's gorgeous though - now I just need the gumption to attempt to sew it.  I did have an idea in mind when I bought it, but now it's here in all its sheer slinky-slidey glory, I'm just a teeny bit terrified...



  1. Oooh... lots of gorgeousness there!! I keep telling you if I can sew with slinky fabrics you definitely can!!

    1. I'm hoping fray check and some haberdashers iron-on stabiliser will help me out a bit... hmm, that might work with satin too. I was so tempted to buy some recently.

  2. Chiffon indeed!!!!! I can`t imagine how to even attempt to hem it by hand so will be following your adventures with interest!!!!! ;)

  3. Rest assured I'll be using buckets of fray check. ;) Also - I think the stuff I have might be polyester, so it's going to be a nightmare to get a crease into it.


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