Sunday, 19 April 2015

Developing the princess line dress.

Whew.  It takes a lot of work to make a lined princess-line bodice.  Much more than a simple bodice with darts.   It's also tricksy to get the armholes right, once you've added all the seam allowances to your pattern pieces, it's easy to get the armhole placing just a bit off.

I carefully pressed all the seams and ensure they lay flat in between the outer and the lining, and here's how it looks so far:

I'm delighted that there's no unwanted ruching or wrinkles in the seams.  That took a lot of very careful hand stitching and plenty of cautious pressing.   Not bad for my first ever attempt.  :)

I'll keep going now. it needs a petticoat, carefully cut to avoid bulk at the waist, and obviously the skirt needs to be added.  But it's working!

 *Does the Snoopy dance*

I think the neckline could be nicer though.  It's hard to make it wider because the shoulders are only just wide enough to accommodate turning the bodice right side out once the lining is attached.  Perhaps a square or sweetheart neckline would look good on any future projects with this pattern.



  1. That looks like a beautiful fit - it really suits Poppy with her tiny waist. I didn't enjoy lining the bodice when I made the posh frocks with a princess line - as you said not simple to get it to all line up! Looking forward to seeing the finished outfit!

    1. It's so hard to get the sides lined up with the centre and back panels. Which makes me unsure about publishing a princess line pattern. I can never quite get my armholes lined up perfectly - but this didn't seem to matter with the dress I'm making. As long as the armholes are identical.

  2. I love the fabric you`re using here and the fit is as beautiful as always. I always struggle with this style at pip scale and hate there to be any pull or puckering - and that`s without the added complication of armholes and shoulders! Very well done :)

    1. Lacuna Press are amazing, and such fast turnaround too... but not cheap! I buy a yard of fabric as and when I can afford it. But yes - I tried a Princess line on Pippa once and it was horrendous!


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