Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fifties petticoat

Still doing battle with this 50's inspired outfit. 

My tulle arrived today, but I took one look at it and decided I was going to hate sewing it, so I reverted to my old faithful cotton voile.   I used peach to go under the toasted pumpkin coloured dress, and I like the look.

So what I did to keep the bulk away from that perfect waspie waist was to make a pair of line (yes, lined) knickers, and a petticoat with a yoked waistband, and then I grafted the petticoat to the knickers.

It works beautifully but is somewhat complicated if you're not a reasonably experienced seamstress.  Which means I'll have to do a normal yoked waistband petticoat when I come to write the pattern.

Here's the completed petticoat.  It has two layers of very full skirt. LOTS of hemming by hand. 

And underneath are the lined knickers to which the skirt is grafted:

The fabric looks a bit coral-pink in the pictures, but is actually peach.

Below is an artful pic I took from under the doll. I just love when you get this effect with really full petticoats; like a flower.

And one of the finished dress over the petticoat.  It's very bouffant as I haven't damped down the skirts to style them... but because I want a pouffy shape, I simply took the dress and petticoat off the doll, and styled them by gently scrunching them together and twisting.  Exactly the same way as in my tutorial  "how to style skirts"   but without any water.

I also don't quite trust the pumpkin coloured fabric not to bleed, so I'll have to be careful if I ever do decide to use water.

And a couple of Poppy because she's just so beautiful. <3

  One with the "graphic novel" filter in Gimp image editor. I doctored the background a bit but it's nowhere near perfect.

I want to make a waist-cincher, but perhaps I might leave that until I make the next dress.  So many ideas to try out with this fifties thang.



  1. Looks fab! I can understand you preferring the voile to tulle... not the easiest thing to sew with! I think the finished dress looks lovely on Poppy!

    1. I love the look of it, but yes, it's all a bit scary. :p


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