Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I love windy days...

You can always tell when Summer is on its way, because that's when I make a mess in the kitchen and hang out my hand dyed bits and pieces to fry.  It's particularly gusty today, so the fabric was dyed and dried within a few hours of my intentions on Facebook.

MY cunning plan was to combine strong tea with some Procion MX dye to try and get an antique-looking rose colour.  However the tea made practically no difference used in conjunction with the dye, so I'll only bother with tea-dying in future if I want a tea colour.

Or I could try over-dyeing.  Hmm.

Anyway, the colour was alarmingly dark when I had the fabric soaking, but after rinsing it to death and drying it in the sunny breeze, the results were nice pale pinky colours.  

Some will tell you that dyeing fabrics is a precise thing, and you should measure everything out and write down your dye recipes ... but you know what? B**ger that. I just chuck in small bits of dye on the tips of teaspoons and see what happens.  As long as you pile in a good few spoonfuls of soda ash to fix the pigment to the fabric, you'll get some interesting results.  And when it comes to dyeing, I love surprises.

I've used some crinkle cotton,  Some dotted lawn, and the striped fabric is a viscose jersey with Lycra.  All these will make up my next dolly outfit. If all goes well.

I need a break from tailoring.  I do love to shape and get a perfect fit, there's nothing like it, but I've been looking at some Bohemian clothing on Etsy and it inspired me to try some for poor Prudence, who hasn't had a new outfit for some time.

These should make up a very pretty shabby chic ensemble.  I'm planning to produce the pattern too, as a nice simple one, if it all works out.

The only problem with flopsy, ruffled clothes in doll scale is that the fabric isn't heavy enough to hang and flop the way it does on a human.  But I'm hoping to get around that by dampening the clothes when they're finished, and styling them a bit like I do with my pouffy skirts.

I'm kind of excited to start this.



  1. Love those fabrics... and can wait to see what you turn them into! My three Prudences are a bit neglected too!!

    1. Poor old Pru. She always has to sit around while her friends get all the attention, lol.

  2. Can't wait to see the pattern - my Prudence loves new clothes!

    1. Hello! :) I hope this comes off okay. It's less easy than one would think making clothes look "thrown together".


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