Thursday, 23 April 2015

Making a start.

Fired up by the desire for something boho, I spent the day making the undergarment leotard for Pru.  She may be bald at present, but I think she's pleased to be getting something new.

Flopsy sleeves.

I do enjoy sewing hand-dyed fabrics, although I'm getting a bit precious over the dotted lawn. It's not cheap and I don't have enough to keep making practice garments, so I'll make the overdress in cheaper voile before I cut into the nice stuff.

Picking out threads and starting on the leotard.

It should go without saying to use a toile fabric whilst making the first draft of a clothing pattern, but sometimes I get too excited and just start sewing with my decent fabrics.  Not this time, I'll do it properly!



  1. Ooh I like that leotard... I was only thinking I need a leotard pattern for Ell & Co.... love those frills!! I just love the colours you're using as well.

    1. I have a couple of patterns for the leotard, which I will be publishing eventually!

  2. This looks like it`s going to be very soft and pretty..... :)

    1. Hopefully. :) I'm aiming for boho and shabby.


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