Wednesday, 29 April 2015

More hand dyeing.

I've slowly been dyeing a few bits of fabric each day to get a nice collection of slightly aged, or shabby-looking shades. 

So far this is what I have: Some of them are a bit brighter than I intended, but I'm working on it.

I love to marble dye.   It's easy too, just leave the fabric in the dye bath without stirring it, for a couple of hours.   Hand dyeing is much less hassle than one might think, especially dyeing small amounts.

I cut off say a fat quarter or fat eighth of three different types of fabric, Dye them; and they're always dry overnight. As long as you put in a good generous heaped spoon of soda ash to fix it, you can't go far wrong.  I've been adding very small amounts of procion MX dye to my dye baths to get pale colours. Very little dye is needed for pale shades, hence mine being a bit brighter than I wanted.

To make them look a bit aged, you can overdye them with tea (fix the tea with salt in the solution).) I try to keep my tea dye pale too, so the original colour isn't obliterated.

Loads of fun.  For the dyes, you can go to UK supplier

The sell dye kits, or separate jars of dye 

You can also find soda ash to fix the dye, and lots of other bits and pieces on their site.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but I do love that such a good supplier is available here in the UK.



  1. They look fab... one day when I've more time I want to have a go!!

    1. I want to use them all at once, lol. I wish I could sew faster. I hope you get the chance, because it's good fun.


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